T-minus two days


February 8, 2017

“Puedes creer, puedes soñar, abre tus alas, aquí está la libertad. No pierdas tiempo, escucha el viento, no es tan difícil que aprendas a volar.” ( Patricia Sosa)

You can believe, you can dream, open your wings, there lies your freedom. Don’t waste time, listen to the wind, it’s not that hard to learn to fly. 

     As I was driving around the city of Dover, Delaware today, going to stores to pick up some last minute items before my departure, I just couldn’t stop smiling. It’s so difficult to believe that today is my last full day in my home state until July. Tommorow, my parents, my brother and I will be going to New York to spend the night in a hotel before my adventure of a lifetime begins this Friday. Surprisingly, the heart palpitations have not yet started, but some tears have been shed already. Saying good-bye to my brothers and sisters in church this past Sunday was especially hard. We’re such a tight-knit family and I’m going to miss them all so much.

     Despite the sad good-byes to people who are so close to my heart, the excitement that I feel about my trip to Córdoba, Argentina is indescribable. I have been experiencing insomnia for the past couple of nights and it’s not even from nerves! This 70 degree weather that I am enjoying so much today just increases this excitement within me because this is exactly how the weather is in Argentina RIGHT NOW! Speaking of the weather, knowing that it’s summer over there and that the seasons are opposite to that of the United States, I had to make sure that I packed wisely.

     I’ve always been an overpacker. During the mid-term breaks at Susquehanna University (which is normally only three days) ,I would always pack at least two weeks worth of clothes. I can’t help that though because it seems like I’m constantly changing what I want to wear. (haha!) So when I was done packing about five months worth of clothes and ended up with this:



I considered that progress! The secret to fitting approximately fourteen outfits in my suitcase ( 7 or 8 outfits for summer and 6 or 7 winter outfits) was to role every garment tightly and place them neatly beside each other.


I tried to pack my clothes in a way where I would be able to mix and match different outfits so it won’t look like I’m wearing the same thing over and over again. My carry on bag (the huge purse) has the airplane traveling essentials like my blanket (certainly not a good idea to use the filthy airplane blankets), a travel neck pillow, nausea bands, books, hygeine products and snacks. My computer bag simply has my laptop and more books. I still have a couple of plastic bags scattered in my living room with other necessary products in them. So I’m going to do more rearranging, but thankfully, I’m pretty much done packing!

     Hopefully the winter storm that New York is supposed to have tommorow clears up by the time I fly out on Friday. I definitly do not want delays or cancellations! I’m thrilled to begin my traveling adventures! All these years of studying and dreaming in Spanish, has led up to this very moment! I’m more than ready to spread my wings and fly!


2 thoughts on “T-minus two days”

  1. Sounds like you are well organized and ready for your trip of a lifetime! FYI – my father taught me to pack in the same manner as you did by rolling clothing tightly, which goes back to his days in the Navy! I was 17 years old, preparing for a summer trip to Italy and Greece to study ancient civilization. That packing tip really served its purpose! I am so excited for you Portia! Will keep you in my prayers for safe travel tomorrow! God bless 🙏

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