Pre-departure difficulties

February 1, 2017

“Una mujer fuerte mira al desafío en el ojo y se lo guiño.” (Gina Carey)

  A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink.

            There are only nine days left until I depart to go to Córdoba, Argentina and incredibly, I’m already facing obstacles. I haven’t even left my home state yet! (Delaware) Can you believe it? I’ve been having trouble exchanging the U.S dollar to the Argentine peso. This may seem like an extremely minuscule dilemma to anyone reading this, but to me, it’s really frustrating! According to the Córdoba, Argentina student handbook, they recommend that students studying abroad should exchange $150-$200 USD into Argentine pesos PRIOR to departing the U.S so everyone can have some cash to start out with. When someone tells me to follow certain directions, I like for them to be done RIGHT, so you can see why this problem is troubling me. I mean, how can these small coins be so difficult to obtain?

                                              Image result for Argentina peso





            On Monday, I went with my mother  to my home bank to take out a little bit over $200 just to be on the safe side. We then headed over to TD bank where my dad was waiting. Excitedly, I jumped out of the car and ran into the bank with much anticipation of ordering Argentine pesos. (OK, maybe I didn’t exactly RUN in, but I was really enthusiastic about this seeing that it is my first time doing foreign currency exchange.) Soon afterwards, we find out that the bank does not do Argentine pesos, (contrary to what they said over the phone) but they do Chilean pesos! “No,” I say in my head. “Chilean peso is not the same as Argentine peso.” Frustrated my mom, my dad and I went to Wells Fargo, where, AGAIN, one lady inside told us that they do currency exchange for Argentina, but come to find out, another bank teller at the desk affirmed that they don’t.

            For the past couple of days, I’ve been on the phone calling every international bank I know and guess how many do foreign currency exchange for Argentina? ZIP! CERO! But, the JKF International Airport in New York, where I will be leaving from in less than ten days, “claim” that they do foreign currency exchange for Argentina in terminal four but not in terminal one. From these previous experiences in having representatives in banks state they they have foreign currency exchange for Argentina when in reality they don’t, I’m doubting if JKF does it either. But, should I take a trip to Queens, New York this weekend to see, just in case? I don’t know if I want to waste gas money. I’ll keep you updated on what happens!

            I suppose that the reason why I’m having trouble obtaining foreign currency for the Argentine peso is because not a lot of people travel there. Don’t worry Argentina, you’re still beautiful! After talking with a lovely Spanish Studies Abroad representative about my situation today, she recommended that I wait to do my foreign currency exchange upon my arrival in Buenos, Aires Argentina (my first stop before Córdoba). I’m going to have plenty of time (three hour layover) to have someone help me in this process…EN ESPAÑOL! Of course, I’m going to be tired after a ten hour flight, but how difficult can it be communicating my situation in Spanish at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning at the airport? It shouldn’t be too strenuous. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!:)  

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